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We are Metanoia

We don’t do good trips. We don’t visit good places. We don’t do good times. People who’ve been on our trips never say, “Well, that was a good experience.”

Other travel companies do ‘good’. You see, for us, ‘good’ is about as good as average. And one thing we don’t do is average.

We’re the travel company with the blow-your-minds-off trips, the OMG-this-place-is-incredible destinations, the I-can’t-believe-that-happened experiences. We do the things that stay with you forever. We run the kind of trips that you’d never describe as ‘good’. Because you didn’t come here looking for ‘good’. You came here looking for ‘life-changing’. And thats what Metanoia means.

Why travel with Metanoia


Why Us?

Specially curated for young Indian travellers, our trips are more about what we do when we get there. Unique experiences, better accommodations & transport and much more. Find out why you should travel with us on your next trip.

Metanoia Expeditions Group travel

Why group


Join our trips solo, with a friend, partner or siblings. No matter how you join, our trips allow you to have an unforgettable experience. We’ve seen it time and again: travelling with us creates unique friendships that last long after the trip finishes.

About Metanoia Expeditions

The Metanoia


The story of how friends backing out of travel plans led our founder to go on his first solo trip abroad, which ultimately led to the birth of Metanoia Expeditions. This is our story which you'll definitely relate to.


How it Works?

Confused how to proceed? How to go about booking the trip you like? Don't worry its even simpler than you think.

Once a year, go someplace you've never been before

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