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The Metanoia Story

Hi there!

If you have landed here we know you are a curious one and want to know how/why we started this company.


In 2018; after being tired of his friend's excuses as to why they couldn't travel, founder Mohit went on his first solo trip abroad and came back forever changed. He had never thought traveling alone with strangers could be so much fun and thought provoking and realized that a lot of people are missing out on this life changing experience due to the uncertainties involved.

He got hold of few people smarter than him and started Metanoia Expeditions (literally meaning life changing experiences) with a goal to create a community of young travellers that is fun and safe to travel with.

Checkout his blog here: Link

Metanoia Expeditions story
Metanoia Review

Why you should travel with us?

Specially curated for young Indian travellers, our trips are more about what we do when we get there. Unique experiences, better accommodations & transport and much more. Find out why you should travel with us on your next trip.

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