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9 Whirlwind days of Nordic fun, chasing the Northern Lights and cruising with party vibes!

9 days
25 Nov-3 Dec
9-17 Dec
Group Size
24 people avg.
Hostels, Cruise Ship
Trip leader & Local Guides
Group Trip for 18-35 Year Olds
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About this trip

Embark on the ultimate winter adventure, from Helsinki's vibrant city life to Rovaniemi's Northern Lights, Santa Claus Village, and husky rides. Experience the thrill of a snowmobile safari and unwind in a Finnish Sauna. Then, set sail on a high-seas party cruise to Stockholm, where historic streets and vibrant nightlife await. This trip is a perfect blend of cultural discovery, natural beauty, and non-stop fun!


  • Northern Lights

  • Snowmobiling

  • Sea Fortress

  • Overnight Cruise

  • Reindeer Farm

  • Husky Rides

  • Sauna

  • Santa Claus Village

  • City Tour

  • Nightlife


Fly in to Helsinki on Day 1


Country: Finland | 2 Nights 

Day 1: Arrival & Meet Your Crew

Welcome to Finland, the ultimate winter destination! Touch down in Helsinki, drop your bags at the hostel, and say hello to your legendary trip mates!


Today, take a stroll with your trip leader and uncover the city’s hot spots. Tick off Rock Church & White cathedral, show off your mad bartering skills at Market Square, and warm yourself up with a delicious Glögi.


In the evening: quiz your Trip Leader on where to find the best leipäjuusto – the squeakiest cheese in the kingdom.

Included Today:

+ Meetup & Orientation Walk

Day 2: Sea Fortress & Sauna

Start your day with an adventure at Suomenlinna, an 18th-century sea fortress just a ferry ride away from Helsinki. Explore this UNESCO World Heritage site on foot, discovering its fortifications, tunnels, and historic gems while enjoying beautiful sea views.


Later: Indulge in a Finnish Sauna with a heated pool that we’ve booked for you and you’ll realise why the Finns are some of the happiest people in the world! And if you are the adventurous kind, there is a cold seawater pool we dare you to try.

Included Today:

+ Suomenlinna Day Tour

+ Finnish Sauna & Pool Experience

Transfer by train on day 3


Country: Finland | 3 Nights 

Day 3: Rovaniemi & Northern Light

Today, say goodbye to Helsinki and hop on a train bound for Rovaniemi in the northern region of Finland. Rovaniemi is Finland's Arctic playground, where Santa Claus resides, frozen magic happens, and the Northern Lights paint the sky in mesmerising colours!


Passing through breathtaking scenery, we'll arrive in Rovaniemi by evening. Settle in and recharge your batteries for tonight’s epic adventure. Bundled up in thermal suits, we'll head further up north to chase the magical Northern Lights. Gather around the bonfire with a warm drink in hand and be awestruck by nature's dazzling show.

Included Today:

+ Northern Lights Tour with Gear

Day 4: Santa Claus Village & Husky Ride

Get set for a whirlwind of adventures as we cross the arctic circle (yes, literally!) to reach the Santa Claus Village! Take in the festive vibes, it's Christmas here throughout the year. First meet the big guy, Santa himself and share your wishes. Then hop on a husky/reindeer sleigh for a wild ride through snowy landscapes.


You can also send a postcard to your family from the Santa Claus post office anytime of the year and the elves will make sure that it’s delivered on Christmas.

Included Today:

+ Santa Claus Village Tour

+ Husky or Reindeer ride

Day 5: Snowmobiling & Ice Floating

Need some time to explore at your own pace? Today is 100% up to you. But if you need suggestions, ride a snowmobile through breathtaking Arctic Circle forests, go swimming in an icy lake, or learn the art of ice fishing from a local.


In the evening, you can warm yourself up in the hostel Sauna, party with your trip mates at the Halfmoon nightclub or go on an aurora chase one more time.

Optional Addons:

+ Snowmobile

+ Ice Floating

+ Ice Fishing

+ Second Aurora Chase

Transfer by train on day 6


Country: Finland | 1 Night

Day 6:  Explore Tampere

Upon arrival in Tampere, check into your cosy accommodation. Tampere, one of Finland's vibrant cities, serves as a brief but delightful pitstop on our journey from Lapland to Sweden.


In the evening, take a leisurely stroll through the city's charming centre or visit the picturesque Cathedral to soak in Tampere's unique vibe.


After dinner, unwind and recharge because tomorrow, we're adding a brand-new country to our adventure!

Transfer by train on day 7



4 nights stay in mixed gender dorms in centrally located premium hostels. 3 nights in twin sharing rooms in Rovaniemi. 1 night in a Cruise ship in a quad sharing cabin.

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5 Breakfasts

We have not added breakfast wherever possible so that you have an option to do it at a place & time convenient to you.

Intercity Transportation

Intercity transportation through trains & cruise.

  • Suomenlinna Day Tour

  • Finnish Sauna & Heated Pool Experience

  • Northern Lights Tour with Gear & Guide

  • Santa Claus Village Tour

  • Husky or Reindeer Ride

  • 1 Night Cruise to Stockholm

  • Stockholm Walking Tour

Local taxes & fees

Entry fees for included places and local taxes are all included. No hidden charges.

Trip leader

Trip leader & local guides who are smart, fun & experienced. Top suggestions and support you need along the way.

Dossier & Visa Guide

Pre to Post trip assistance from our experts on travel related matters like forex & flights. Our visa guide with all instructions. Plus, our curated travel dossier with all the info you need for this trip.

Overnight Cruise

Baltic Sea | 1 Night 

Day 7: Helsinki to Stockholm Cruise

After a short train ride to Helsinki, we’re hopping on an overnight cruise bound for Stockholm. Often dubbed as a booze cruise by locals, this 1000 cabin ship transforms into a floating party paradise as soon as the sun sets. Its lively nightclubs, casino, bars, and themed parties create a non-stop dancing and live music extravaganza. It's more than a journey; it's a high-seas all night party you won't forget!