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10 reasons why you should travel while you are young

Traveling is a fantastic thing to do at any age but traveling while you are still young has some incredible perks that you may not want to miss out on.

Wouldn’t we all agree that traveling young renders us a unique exuberance, with lots of energy, and a willingness to try out new things (even the bizarre ones)?

With lesser responsibilities, greater vibrance, and an uninhibited spirit, traveling young is an experience of a lifetime, and here are some reasons why you should give it a try!

1. You only live once

There are extraordinary experiences present all around the world reserved for the young, wild, and free. Have you jumped the flaming skipping rope at Thailand’s full moon party or scuba diving in the Andamans, or kayaked your way through long and narrow canals? Insane adventures like these, you might have the heart to do it right now but who knows about later!

Hiking, binge-drinking, scuba diving, you can do absolutely anything that excites you without a care in the world while you are fit and young.

2. You gain confidence and maturity

This is one of the best takeaways. You learn to deal with your shit. Yep, you have to figure out bookings on your own, manage your expenses, learn those ever-so-necessary bargaining skills, and a lot more. You’re out there on your own, so there’s either fight or flight. You learn to manage yourself better and become smarter along the way.

What makes this learning even more worth it are the laughs and gags along the way.

3. You become more open-minded

You open yourself to experience new places, people, values, and cultures. Trying out weird, scary, and awesome things like staying in hostels, bumpy bus rides, or a drink at a shady bar. You probably wouldn't be as willing to try these things out once you’re older and will likely choose comfort over experience and adventure. So why miss out on the chance while you still have it? Give yourself a shot and accept the world with open arms.

4. You enjoy experiences over things

One of the greatest lessons you’ll learn through travel is that we need very little to be happy. And it’s not cars, phones, or clothes that make us happy – it’s our experiences and the little things that count. When you travel, you take time to slow down and reflect on your experiences.

5. You meet new people, loads of them

You're going to meet a lot of new people while you are traveling. You get to tell your stories, hear dozens of others, and tend to take at least a couple home with you. Moreover, you create new stories with new characters which can be hella fun. In short, it's an opportunity for you to direct your own travel movie and binge-watch it later.

6. It makes you humble

It's the most valuable quality you’ll acquire. Traveling solo gives you a reality check, and makes you realize how much you are caught up in your head, what skills you possess and what you don’t. You realize your tiny but well-deserved place in this huge insane world and learn to appreciate what you have while discovering what you don’t. You get yourself some great thinking time and once it's all over you'll be surprised to see how much you’ve grown. There is practically no downside to traveling solo.

7. Why not do it before ‘adulting’ gets in the way

You have the time right now, which might not be the case when you have children and are busy working. Use your 20’s well. As of now, you’re independent with little to think about and a smaller bag of responsibilities on your back. What could be better? So, pack your bags and start the journey. You won’t regret it, trust us!

8. You’ll learn to manage money early in life

Since you handle the money and suffer the consequences of mismanagement, the worst being broke halfway through the trip, you learn the value of managing your finances well. You’ll bargain better and slowly get an idea of where to spend that last penny to make the best of it. There couldn't be a skill more useful than this, you’ll need it all your life.

9. Eat.Drink.Repeat

Now let's get back to the fun part. You can eat whatever you want and drink like a fish. Learn to relish snails like the French, octopuses like the Japanese, and noodles like a Thai. This is a chance to test your gut strength and surprise your taste buds.

Acquaint your palette with the most exotic foreign cuisines, and drink all you can. Nobody’s judging and you won’t get to do this again and again.

10. You might find romance on the road

This one’s a hit or a miss. But if you do happen to hit it right, wouldn't it be awesome?

The pretty stranger sipping tea on the adjacent table or one you're sharing the cab with to watch the Eiffel Tower or someone you heard laughing on a water boat. It could be anyone, anywhere. Maybe you'll find the one and if not you’ll make great memories anyway!

You might have realized the many many amazing reasons to travel while you're young, and since time is ticking, why wait for more?

Travel with a bunch of 18-35 year olds on one of our upcoming trips and experience something that will change your life forever!

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