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Top 10 Beach Clubs in Bali | 2022 Edition

Ever heard of beach clubs? Bali boasts of hosting some of the best beach clubs in the world. It's the Balinese way of partying and trust us, it's pretty awesome.

Beach Clubs offer a unique experience of enjoying a day at the beach combined with luxury, comfort, design, music, good food, delicious cocktails, and excellent service.

They are the perfect place to forget about your daily problems and relax. You can spend the whole day simply lying in one of their comfortable hammocks or even in a Balinese bed.

Here’s to swim-drink-eat-repeat at the top 10 beach clubs in Bali that’ll give you one hell of an experience:

1. Potato Head Beach Club

Situated in the heart of bustling Seminyak, Potato Head bills itself as Bali’s home of tropical modernism. An interesting amalgamation of art, food, luxury, and most importantly those beach vibes. With daybeds positioned around the infinity pool, a swim-up bar, and three restaurants, Potato Head serves as the center of the island's creative scene, regularly hosting film screenings, cultural conventions, and world-famous DJs on its outdoor dance floors. The architecture too is eye-catching and thoughtful that you’ll want to clear your schedule to make the most of an afternoon and evening here.

2. Finn’s Beach Club

One of Bali’s most prominent hot spots, located just about 10 minutes from Seminyak’s hustle and bustle, Finns Beach Club is a magnet for people seeking sun, sea, and sand, plus delicious food. With two luxurious pools, three fantastic bars, and three impressive dining sights including a Sushi bar and Mumbai times, an eatery specializing in Indian cuisine, it's hard to complain! Adding to that, your evenings at Finn’s can never be complete without some great music from the best musicians around the world and if dancing through the night sounds too basic to you, consider night surfing and you’ll have a blast!

3. La Brisa

La Brisa is home to breathtaking décor, sustainably sourced food, and genuine Balinese hospitality, nestled on the foreshore of the iconic Echo Beach. Built entirely from reclaimed wood and set around a curved pool with repurposed fishing boats, nautical knick-knacks, coconut palms popping through floorboards, and rattan beanbags, the place is proof that shipwrecked can indeed be chic. The club is a refreshing escape from the everyday mundane. The drinks are decent; standouts include the watermelon-and-rum Bali Sunset and the Herb & Spice, with gin, lemongrass, and chili.

4. Old Man's

An informal beer garden just off the Batu Bolong surf break, Old Man’s has been one of the hipster faves at Canggu. The club attracts a strong crowd, especially during its daily happy hour (5–6 pm), when all drinks are- buy one get one free, with some lip-smacking authentic food and contemporary instagrammable meals. The sunsets here are even better with the enchanting golden sea, cheap beer and food, and some friendly peeps vibing to good music!

5. La Plancha

La Plancha at Mesari beach can never disappoint! In an attempt to integrate both Balinese and Spanish culture, the ambiance includes comfy bean bags and traditional Balinese umbrellas. The club has a beachfront sporting some strikingly bright colors which have become quite the spot for bohemians and a one-of-a-kind Chiringuito-style bar offering delicious Spanish meals and drinks.

If you’d like some tapas on the beach, you know where to go!

6. Mrs. Sippy

With undisputedly the largest saltwater pool and an open-air kitchen that produces some mouth-watering charcoal cuisines, Mrs. Sippy can boast of hosting some luxurious pool parties, wedding events, and international music festivals. If you’re spending your evening here don’t miss out on some signature cocktails from their skillful bartenders.

7. Omnia

Bali’s first adults-only day club with VIP cabanas and private plunge and infinity pools, this is a one-of-a-kind, day-into-night party experience straight out of your Instagram Explore feed. The Omnia day club-cum resort in Uluwatu has gained quite some popularity due to its jaw-dropping views facing the vast Indian ocean with a side of some authentic Japanese dining, cocktails, and good music. If you're looking to spend an evening with friends with some pizzazz and glamour, Omnia can definitely make it come true.

8. Sundays Beach Club

A trio of thatched rooftops then peek out from the coconut palms before you finally set foot on what might just be Bali’s most beautiful white sand beach. From complimentary water sports such as kayaking, snorkeling, and stand-up paddle boards, The Sundays Beach Club offers you a fun day with much to do. Exchange a $25 entrance ticket for a drinks credit, then sit back on a sun lounger, sip, swim, and repeat. Indulge in great cuisine from all around the world with firewood pizzas and healthy smoothies or some authentic Balinese flavors. Live music and great dining aren't all, your evening will be lit with sunset bonfires, marshmallows, and music!

9. Rock Bar

Widely known as one of the globe's most popular sunset, cocktail and entertainment venues, Rock Bar at AYANA Resort & Spa is situated at the edge of paradise, within meters of the Indian ocean’s sapphire waters. Perched upon a cliff facing the rolling waves, a heaven for food, drinks, and a great sunset, the Rock bar is quite an experience. Melodies, martinis, and the magnanimous waves at this one must not miss.

10. Cocoon Beach Club

With three different dining areas for three different meals of the day, this club never fails to impress. The Cocoon Beach Club is surrounded by stunning Bali beaches and hosts amazing pool sights and crazy pool parties. With Cocoon nothing is off the menu. The happy hour is from 4 to 7 in the evening, serving quite a feast with great cocktails at great prices.

Visit these beach clubs and experience the different cuisines, scenic views, and drinks on your next trip to Bali!

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