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10 things you should definitely do on your trip to Thailand

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

Thailand is undisputedly one of the best travel destinations. It has some amazing food, unique markets, pristine beaches and a whole lot of parties. While so much remains to be explored in this travellers paradise, one can't be doing it all at once and it's quite a task to pick out things you should do when the list is never-ending. So here is our advice on things you should definitely do in Thailand to make that trip of yours an unforgettable experience. Dive right in to find out:

1. Stay at Koh Phi Phi

The beauty of Phi Phi islands simply entrances you. These islands have the clearest of waters with the finest of sands and the best of experiences. From its pool parties to ravishing fire shows at night, you’ll get to experience more than you can imagine. This backpackers’ paradise, hosts some wondrous viewpoints that you can visit by boat. From Maya Bay to Emerald Lagoon, there wouldn't be a moment you're not awed by its beauty.

2. Kayak in Open Sea

Ao Thalane Bay in Krabi is the perfect destination for open sea kayaking and here is why. Imagine kayaking placidly through the sea surrounded by lush mangrove forests and pristine canyons. It's nature at its best. You’ll explore the sea and come across a plethora of exotic wildlife and some interesting fish species.

3. Visit Night Markets

These are everywhere in Thailand, you could be walking through the narrowest of streets and would be surprised at the sight of a storm of hawkers and vendors. These locals sell cheap delicious food, beer, clothes and accessories. It's the Thai way of living. Here you’ll find the best street food to satisfy your gut and if you're one who loves to shop on a budget, these night markets will never disappoint.

4. Party at Bangla street Phuket

This walking street is home to hundreds of pubs, clubs and bars. It comes to life at night with its multi-coloured lanterns, performers doing tricks on the bustling street and music being blasted from hole in the wall bars. You can expect a dozen clubbing options. You can choose one and stick to it or like many others, you could enjoy bar-hopping through the night. Here’s a tip: Give the Illuzion Club a shot, it is among the world’s top 100 clubs. You won’t regret it.

5. Try Thai Food

Apart from all things Thailand is famous for, its street food definitely tops the list. Be it the mouthwatering Pad Thai or the flavourful red & green curry. Or if you’re not a sucker for spice, the mild Massaman curry will definitely have your tongue tied. What else? Basil chicken, tom yum, mango sticky rice and the list go on. Titillate your taste buds with the best Thai food.

6. Visit a Buddha temple

You’ll find numerous Buddha temples in Thailand, they’re peaceful and well quite marvellously crafted. Some of our top picks would be Wat Arun and Wat Phra Kaew, while the former also known as the dawn temple, gleams majestically at sunrise, in the latter sits an emerald Buddha said to have originated in India. Both of these Shrines are exquisite architectural wonders.

7. Sundowner on a Private Yacht

Beach sunsets can never get boring, especially when you are in Thailand. But instead of just watching it from the shores, you can charter a private yacht in Phuket (a bit expensive but worth it!) and go sailing around the Promthep Cape to watch the sky turn into million different shades of pink and orange! And don't forget to pop a bubbly while you are at it.

8. Get a Thai massage

Acupuncture, stretching techniques, energy healing and a lot more. Thai massages are the perfect way to set the body and mind back on track through the most relaxing of mediums. Soak in meditative music and the aroma of incense sticks, heal and ease out at one of the many Thai spas.

9. Snorkel at Maya bay

Maya Bay at Phi Phi islands is one of the best snorkelling spots in Thailand. The stunning bay is a reservoir of exotic fish and coral gardens. Snorkelling through its emerald waters is something out of the ordinary and exceptionally unforgettable.

10. Drink out of a bucket

Thai beach parties have some crazy things going on, one of them being people drinking from a bucket. Yep, that's how you should expect your alcohol to be served to you while you party in Phi Phi. A beach bucket of sorts filled to the brim with the drink of your choice, sipping through this as you jam to the music is one hell of an experience.

You see, Thailand has got a gazillion fun things to do, many of them haven’t even made the list. We’re quite sure Thailand has made its way to your list of go-to travel destinations by now.

And If you're eager to explore this epic country and check off everything from this list, then do check out our Thai Island Hopper Trip➡️

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