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Thailand Travel Guidelines for Indians

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Rtpcr tests no longer required!

Thailand, our second home, one of the most beautiful destinations in the world, is now open for Indians to travel without quarantine! The only condition is that you should be fully vaccinated with both doses! And yes people vaccinated with Covaxin are also allowed.

The Thai government has scrapped the existing Test & go program. Meaning - you will be free to travel anywhere in Thailand from May 1, 2022, without taking any covid test or quarantine. There is a particular procedure that needs to be followed, and the information on the internet is pretty confusing but we will try to make it as clear as possible for you.

First of all, you need to arrange all the documents listed below:

1. Passport

Obviously! Make sure your passport has 6 months of validity from your date of arrival in Thailand.

2. Visa

Indian passport holders are eligible for visa on arrival. Once you land at Bangkok airport or Phuket/Krabi airport via direct or connecting flight, show your documentation (from this list) at the immigration counter and pay a fee of THB 2000 (apprx. INR 5k). If all documents are in order your passport will be stamped with a visa.

If you want to save time at the visa ques at the airport you can buy the visa online also at a cost of THB 2500.

3. Flight tickets

You have to pre-book your return flights before you enter Thailand. The tickets are checked at the immigration counter once you arrive.

4. Vaccination Certificate

You must be fully vaccinated with both doses of Covishield or Covaxin at least 14 days before your date of arrival in Thailand.

5. Travel Insurance

You have to buy a travel insurance policy with a minimum sum assured of $10,000, and it must include your Covid-19 related medical expenses. If you are traveling with us, you can buy a 20 days policy at a cost of INR 600 only.

6. Thailand Pass

You need to register for Thailand Pass online before you can travel to Thailand. It requires you to upload the documents listed above and provide some personal information. Once you submit, it takes 2-3 days before it is approved and sent back to you in your email. If you are a part of our Thailand Hopper Trip, then you can skip this step :)

On-Arrival Procedure

Now, after you arrive at a Thailand airport, this is how things will go:

  1. Land at Bangkok/Phuket/Krabi airport

  2. Buy Visa (not required if you already bought it online) and clear immigration

  3. And then you can go anywhere you want, the way you want!

This news got you excited? Then pack your bags and join us on our upcoming Thai Island Hopper Trip. In 8 days, you will explore the best of Thailand in comfort, class & style. Plus, you get to travel with a bunch of like-minded young travellers from all over India!

Our trips are limited to people between the ages 18-35, so that you get to travel with people you can vibe with. And you can join solo (like most do) or tag along with your friends or partner.

NOTE: This information is of a general nature and restrictions are subject to change, so keep in touch with the latest official advice from government and Thai authorities.

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