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Vietnam's Must dos - you can't miss these!

Vietnam, also famously known as the land of the “Ascending Dragon” for its geographical shape on the world map is famous for quite a lot of things like its culture, beaches, rivers, boats, food, and its lively cities. Exploring war memorials and museums, indulging in the rich culture, devouring local beer, and shopping at the floating markets. All in all, a choice paralysis, isn't it?

So here are some top suggestions on things to do in Vietnam:

1. An Evening stroll through the streets of Hoi An

This ancient town is bound to have you astonished. This old port city is an architectural marvel with a combination of both indigenous and foreign styles of architecture. An evening stroll through its streets is no different from jumping on a time machine and landing straight into the 15th century with narrow lanes and busy streets, shopping for silk products, such as dresses, clothes, and scarves, and some souvenirs to take back home. A world heritage site impressively preserved, it’s also adorned by a lake and makes quite an impression on you.

2. Drive through Hai Van Pass

At 20 km long and 500m above sea level, the winding Hai Van Pass, a spectacular mountain pass between Hue and Hoi An has been described as “a deserted ribbon of perfection – one of the best coast roads in the world”. The pass joining the cities of Da Nang and Lang Co offers some of the best views in the world. Sandy beaches, mountain peaks, or if you’re driving through the night, the most vivid star- gazing is guaranteed. With its curves and turns, it resembles a graceful snake in the green foliage.

3. Halong Bay Cruise

The Halong Bay in northern Vietnam is one of nature's loveliest creations, you’ll know why once you grasp the sprawling green and blue waters beaded by tiny limestone islands. Board on an overnight cruise and journey through this topographical wonder straight out of a movie. From luxury cruises to slightly economical ones, you’ll find a large variety here. Sail across the twinkling sea reflecting the night sky as you sip a glass of wine.

4. Party at Bui Vien street

This backpackers street in Ho Chi Minh City is a partying hub with numerous popular pubs and bars and a number of affordable restaurants. Party in the night at Bui Vien Street with backpackers from around the world. Discover the best cuisine on one of the busiest streets of the city.

5. Cu Chi tunnels

Let's take a quick peek into the Vietnamese War! Shall we? The Cu Chi tunnels in Ho Chi Minh City are a part of the numerous underground tunnels dug by guerilla soldiers for effective transportation of soldiers and war supplies, which were occasionally used as command centers. Explore them and be ready to be transported back to the war! What's more? You can even eat the typical meal eaten by the soldiers living in the tunnels during the days of the war!

6. Ride a basket boat

Boats shaped like baskets of Vietnam are pretty famous and trying them out is definitely a no-brainer! Usually made of bamboo, their construction requires some real skills, however, modified plastic versions can be seen sailing along the coast. You could join a basket boat tour in Hoi An and have a city tour and you can also grab a quick meal at one of the few floating eateries around.

7. Golden Hands Bridge

This bridge in Da Nang, a short drive from Hoi An is sure to give you the chills, especially at sunrise.Crafted brilliantly like two stone hands supporting a golden bridge, it is a must-visit. Think of a bridge high up in the sky, panoramic views with misty green hills kissing its feet, sounds inviting? It gets better when it gleams golden in the sun and indeed seems to be held by god’s own hands.

8. Vietnamese street food

Experience one of the most unique street foods in the world, infused with a hell of a punch of flavor. Our top picks would be Bun Cha and Goi Cuan. The former is a platter of smoky pork patties served with rice noodles and fish sauce broth while the latter are mouth-watering spring rolls stuffed with a wide range of filling from meats to seafood to steamed veggies. Give it a try and don't be surprised if you get addicted to the taste.

9. Get a tailored suit in Hoi An

Hoi An is the tailoring capital of Vietnam and well fairly so as it has one of the best craftsmen in Southeast Asia and thousands of stores dedicated to the task of tailoring, be it dresses, suits, or even t-shirts at fairly minimum prices. Haggle a little and you’ll find a custom-tailored suit at the best price possible.

10. Local Draught Beers

It would be an understatement to say that Vietnamese beer culture is a strong one. So you get a lot of it, and it's all very cheap. The most popular beer in Vietnam is Saigon Beer.

Explore the best of Vietnam and make sure to not miss any of the activities mentioned above for the best experience of the city.

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