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10+ things to keep in mind before traveling to your next destination

Traveling can be the most fun thing to do, but it can turn into a nasty affair if you don’t do it right! Before heading out to your next destination, proper research and planning are necessary, as we all know that pre-travel preparations can be quite a task.

Here is a checklist to make sure you’ve covered all the bases that will make your travel plans easy and hassle-free:

1. Currency Exchange

Get your currency exchanged US dollars from a local forex shop in your city before traveling, as those guys give you the best exchange rates. Do not convert those dollars into local currency as soon as you land at the destination airport unless you want to see your money evaporate into thin air! Airport kiosks have the worst exchange rate. Go to your hotel, ask them for a nearby forex shop or find it on Google. 100$ bills will get you the best rate, don't forget to count twice before you leave the shop.

2. Forex card

Carrying large amounts of cash can be risky. Instead, take forex cards. Even if you have enough cash, get a card for unforeseen circumstances. Forex cards can be pre-loaded in the desired currency, so you don't need to worry about the conversion rate at the time of the transaction. Some banks also offer multi-currency cards, if you are traveling to multiple countries at once. Our favorite is the Niyo digital global card which has 0 fees, and no, there is no catch! Keep in mind some less developed cities may have low card acceptance and may charge an extra 2-3% if you choose to pay by card.

3. Passport validity

Most countries require you have at least 6 months of passport validity left from the date of arrival at your destination. So get it renewed timely. Make sure you have half a page empty for stamps from each country you plan to visit.

4. Visa

Make sure you have a valid visa for the country you are visiting. Visa requirements and application procedures can be checked online on the website of the respective country’s consulate/embassy. If you plan to take a visa on arrival, make sure you have the necessary documents that need to be verified once you land in your destination country.

5. Travel Insurance

Countries like the Schengen region require you to have travel insurance before you can even apply for their visa. Pro tip- even if not required, you should get one as the benefits you get for an amount less than 1000 rupees far outweigh the cons if any.

6. Web Check-in

Post-COVID, most airlines have made it mandatory to do web check-ins. Make sure you check in and carry a copy of the boarding pass, in print or on your phone and skip the long lines at the airport.

7. Internet connection

For internet connectivity, you can buy a local sim card at the destination airport. They generally sell sim cards with packages suitable for tourists. And for calling, Reliance Jio has the cheapest rates in the market with excellent connectivity.

8. Airport terminals

Booked yourself a connecting flight to a foreign country? The connection might seem easy on paper, but sometimes the arrival or departure is from different airports in the same city or at the same airport but from different terminals, which might require you to take a bus or a train. Make sure you prepare and check all these details beforehand carefully.

9. Pack a few layers

Rule of thumb- pack at least one jacket, even when visiting a tropical destination. Pack a few layers, especially when you are visiting multiple countries. The weather may change with every few kilometers, or hike to a mountain, or chilly train ride, you never know!

10. Tag your luggage

You should write your details on your luggage tag, like your name and contact number. Many people carry the same luggage, which sadly seems similar on the airport conveyor belt. If someone takes home your bags by mistake, they can contact you if you have the details written down.

11. All your booking vouchers in one folder

Download all your booking confirmations of hotels, trains, and other activities and compile them in a folder. It will help ensure easy access to all the important documents at a glance.

What is on your travel checklist? Join us on our upcoming trips that are all-inclusive & hassle-free. So, no more worrying about the transportation, hotels & itineraries- one booking and we’ve got you all covered.

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