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3 easy travel tips to save money on your trip abroad

It’s easy to go over budget when traveling, especially when your mindset is focused on living your best life. Whatever those expenses may be, it was probably worth it! But what happens when there are expenses you weren’t expecting while traveling? Those hidden fees can seriously hurt your wallet and throw off your vacation. Here are three expenses you should keep an eye out for and how to avoid them:

1. Baggage fees

We all know that baggage fees can really rack up, especially if you are flying different airlines or taking multiple flights. Before flying, find out the baggage allowance on your ticket by logging in to the airline's website and stick below that range to avoid fees. If you need more allowance it's cheaper to buy on the website beforehand compared to the check-in counter. Budget airlines like Air Asia don't always include free checked luggage and just the 7 or 10 kg carry-on.

2. Debit/ATM fees

There are thousands of different banks across the world, which means extra fees for non-members. If you're travelling internationally and don't have a travel/forex card, you’ll probably end up paying ATM withdrawal+conversion fees. Even if you are making a purchase, 2-4% conversion charges may be applied. Check with your bank to see what the conditions are. You can also get a @go_niyo global card with 0 charges and an easy-to-use app.

3. Tipping

Some restaurants add automatic tips to your bill while countries like ours don't have a strong tipping culture. Make sure to check the tipping etiquette and ask beforehand if tips are applied automatically, or add the 10-15% tip to your dining budget for every meal to add wiggle room.

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