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  • Aparna Natha

Why a group trip is the best thing you can do as a couple!

Most couples squirm at the idea of going on group trips due to the fear of accommodating and adjusting with singles. While some might agree with this, we definitely don't!

Traveling as a couple on a group trip can be as exciting as traveling solo as you discover more about each other and yourselves. For many, it can be a great chance to break the monotony and brighten up their relationship, so why run away from it?

Here are a few reasons why you should go on group trips as a couple:

1. It can break the monotony

Traveling with your partner can do great things for a relationship, but sometimes it can get monotonous to travel alone with each other. Group trips can be a great way to break that cycle and bring change. It'll be refreshing to have new people around along with the company of your loved one.

2. You won’t be the only ones

If you think you’ll be the only couple traveling in a group trip, you’re wrong. There will be couples like you whom you’ll be able to relate with as they too value privacy and somewhat share the same experiences as you. You’ll relate to each other's problems, and perks, and all in all, enjoy like-minded company.

3. It’ll make your bond stronger

Traveling with your partner can reveal a lot about both of you. It's another great way to get to know each other better. Doing some fun activities, laughing, screaming, jumping, and partying together will only make your bond stronger. These memories are forever going to be on your ‘faves list’ and if you’re going through a rough phase, a trip is an excellent way to ease that tension.

4. You make new friends together

You meet new people and make friends with them together, your mutual friend circle will expand and you’ll get closer to one another. You'll come across interesting characters you can share a giggle about or admire the ones you’ll both appreciate.

5. You’ll push each other and have each other’s back

You’ll push your partner to give paragliding a shot and you’re probably going to be cheering them up when they’re screaming out of fear in the sky. You'll push each other to try new stuff. And when they come down crying, excited or elated, you’ll be there to welcome them with a big hug. You’ll have each other's back, whether it's a pep talk before zip-lining or a nudge to try out exotic oysters! You’ll be in it together.

6. You’ll still find time for each other

Contrary to popular belief you will find some couple-time. Group trip itineraries will not occupy you every time the clock ticks. You'll likely find some alone time and enjoy and value it more than you usually do. A walk on the beach at night or a glass of wine by yourselves. You’ll find new and meaningful ways to spend time together.

Unlike the myths suggest, there isn’t really as much of a downside to traveling as a couple in a group trip. If anything, you’ll learn to grow, gag and dance together while making the best of your trip.

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