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Why group trips are the best way to travel solo

When it comes to solo travel, most people imagine doing everything all by themselves, be it planning, booking, eating, partying, (and puking later😅). But that doesn’t have to be the case. You can still travel solo while experiencing the festive fellowship of a group trip, and experience the camaraderie and independence all at once.

Here is why it’s worthwhile to experience the best of both worlds:

1. You meet like-minded people and make new friends

You’ll meet some interesting people who’ll make great travel companions and will probably make awesome friends for life. Interacting with new people helps you grow in ways you can’t fathom. You’ll learn their story and enjoy telling yours. Sometimes you’ll discover a lot in common with others, you'll appreciate the differences and maybe even acquire some of their interests.

2. You learn to respect differences and appreciate different perspectives

You may love the idea of adventure in life while someone might prefer luxury and comfort over it. Or you may be a die-hard Michael Jackson fan while others might find him overrated. ( We know this is a little too offensive but you’ve got to deal with it). You’ll learn to accommodate and respect others for their choices. Nothing can be more humbling. And it doesn’t end there, You’ll learn new perspectives and see the world from different lenses. If you saw a 6 before, now you’ll also see a 9.

3. You make memories together and share them for life

You’ll experience some great things together and will share those memories for life. Whether it’s you gulping a pint of salt water while scuba diving or your travel buddy forgetting their room number and barging into another, you will remember all of it for life and it’ll all call for hysterical laughter. You may recall it over a cup of coffee (or a bottle of coke) and it’s sure to bring a smile and a few chuckles.

4. Travel solo or with your own gang

You could choose to travel solo and make friends with strangers on the way or you could convince your gang to join you on the journey. Either way, fun is guaranteed. If with friends or family you’ll bond better and realize how lucky you are to have them and if not you’ll take home some amazing new friendships and realize the same about them later.

5. It’s safer!

Last but not least comes safety! It’s not like you can’t travel safely alone, just that group travel has got you covered completely. There will always be someone to carry you to your room when you’re dead drunk. And if you are on a Metanoia trip, you’ll find the best crew and group leaders, people who know how to keep you safe and out of trouble.

All in all, going on a group trip, solo or with friends or family can be a thrilling experience one shouldn’t miss out on. Book a trip with Metanoia and experience for yourself!

Check out below what #MetanoiaFam has to say about their trips.

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