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5 reasons why you should visit Andaman Islands in 2020

Sun-drenched beaches, lush green mangroves, thriving foodie scene and incredible biodiversity; Andamans have it all. But there’s much more than the scenic beauty that makes it 2020’s most on-trend destination. From chilling at laid back cafes to crossing by forest trails, here are 5 of the best reasons to visit Andaman & Nicobar islands in 2020:

1. The Beaches

Widely popular for hundreds of peaceful exotic beaches, Andamans is home to some of the most astounding beaches you’ll ever come across in life. From Radhanagar beach in Havelock island (voted as Asia's most beautiful beach) to Laxmanpur beach in Neil Island (known for its natural rock formations), there are no shortages of places where you can bathe in warm tropical water. Plus, the beaches are mostly isolated so expect less crowd.

2. No Internet

The internet connectivity is weak on the islands, given its long distance from the mainland. Though plans to build an undersea internet cable are underway, for the near future you’ll have to say goodbye to data heavy apps.

While in today’s age of Zoom calls where everything happens on the internet, no internet can sound like a real horror story! But staying off the phone for a few days and unwinding yourself in the lap of nature is even more refreshing than it seems.

3. Thrilling Adventures

The Islands offer a plethora of Adventure and marine activities to de-stress you to the fullest. Scuba diving is very popular because of the incredible marine biodiversity. Even if you are not a swimmer you can indulge in diving and other underwater activities.

Thanks to the wild forests and deep lagoons you can also kayak your way around these islands. Havelock‌ Island’s mangrove forest has specific points where phytoplanktons are visible, they move inside the water, and glow at night. You’ll witness the water light up magically with every stroke of your pedal.

And if you prefer to be on land rather than water, you can also go for short moderate treks through the dense forest to access some of the most beautiful isolated beaches.

4. Food

The food at Andaman is not what you’d expect. It is not predominantly seafood, there is more to it. Since Andaman is a place of several cultures, all kinds of food are available starting from Bengali preparation of fish and the South Indian Dosa to Rajasthan’s Dal Bati Churma to Kashmiri tea. However, the mussels and squid are to die for and seafood lovers will find solace in Andaman.

5. Dramatic history

The ancient history of Andamans is rather mysterious, some people believe the word Andaman is derived from the word Hanuman. In more recent history the Andamans were known as Kalapani or Blackwaters when the British govt set up its cellular jail to hold the freedom fighters. You can visit the Cellular Jail to find out more about this shameful chapter in British history.

6. Bonus - Covid free

According to TOI, The Andaman and Nicobar Islands has become the first state or union territory in India to be officially rid of Covid-19, with active cases falling to 0 in the islands.

One more reason to book your flights and join us on our Andamans Explored trip.



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