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  • Aparna Natha

The Ultimate Travel Checklist for Solo Travelers

Traveling solo is an empowering experience but also requires one to keep a check on a few things to make sure it doesn't turn bitter. It can be adventurous to dive into new things being completely clueless, but we’re afraid traveling solo might not be one of those.

You’ll learn things on the way but there is nothing wrong with keeping a few things in mind beforehand to make sure to make the best of your trip.

So first time or not, here are a few things to keep in mind for a smooth trip:

1. Keep your friends and family informed

It's important to keep your friends and family in the loop. Sending them updates from time ensures your safety while providing them with a pleasing glimpse into your journey. Send them a couple of selfies posing in front of a monument or videos of your new experiences. Going somewhere sneaky late at night? It won’t hurt to send your location over. Better be safe than sorry!

2. Learn the local lingo

It can be hard to get a taxi, confirm your bookings or order the right things on the menu if you're unknown to the language. Learning the local lingo can help you get through all of this rather easily. Besides this, the offline google translator app can be of great help. What makes this better is the fact that locals appreciate your effort to learn their language and culture, and will be way more friendly and helpful with you.

3. Research beforehand

Make sure to research the destination beforehand. What’s there to look around, where you can catch an early breakfast or an evening drink? The destinations nearby and if need be, the local police helpline. You’ll know exactly how to spend your day and what number to dial if you sense trouble. Researching well saves your time and keeps your schedule on track.

4. Travel light

Fancy heavy suitcases? Let's save them for business trips. When traveling alone, pack light and carry a backpack as it’s easy to handle and if need be, to move around with. You might have to travel in crowded buses or share rooms in a cramped hostel, a backpack works well for these situations and it has a considerable amount of storage capacity.

5. Be adventurous but not too much

Don't roam around alone at night, not even on the streets of Paris. You might be an adventurous soul but encounters with burglars or strange stalkers might not be something on your bucket list. Try new things but make sure you are safe. Check out if you can do things during the day instead of night, if not, look for companions. Don’t risk doing it alone.

6. Make friends along the way

Being sweet goes a long way. You may find great travel companions on your flight or hostels you stay at, and you’ll have someone to talk to. And if you’re itineraries have something in common, might as well do it together and share those memories. And when it comes to locals, they always go the extra mile to help friendly travelers.

7. Public transport is the way to go

You can ditch taxis, they can harm your pocket quite a bit when you're traveling alone. Local transport is cheaper and usually has a fixed rate. You meet other travelers, get to interact with locals, and know more about their lifestyles and culture. Someone sitting beside you may invite you to a home-cooked dinner, you never know!

8. Dining alone isn't weird

Don't be put off by the idea of having to hog on that burger alone. Nobody is judging you or even noticing. Give it time and you might as well start liking it. You’ll like the peace and yeah if you happen to get a seat by the window it can be pretty interesting watching strangers go by their everyday life in an entirely new city. Don’t be creepy, just observe.

Now that you have all these tips on your fingers. Why wait? Pack your bags as your next adventure awaits.

Join solo or with your friends. Limited to people between the age of 18-35.

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